I have always had that “Susie Homemaker” quality in me, even as a young girl. While other girls played house and acted as mothers, I took that one step further and actually created the house and designed it, room by room, not only in my mind, but on paper through the use of those giant JCPenney catalogs they used to send out. I would spend hours scouring the catalog, looking for the right table and chair set for my dining room, throw pillows for my couches, dishes set for my cupboards, cutting each one out and gluing it to each room’s design paper. My imaginary houses were always so beautiful!

So, it’s no surprise that this quality is one I continue to have, and while our resources may be limited, I’ve found a way to spruce up our house, even if it means curtains and decor items from Walmart, repurposed furniture from garage sales, and hand-me-downs from family members!

If you’re like me, hopefully this design series will help give you inspiration and tips on how to achieve the homey look without the pricey budget. A new post related to this series will be posted each week, so stay tuned as I reveal each room in our house.

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Each of the rooms in our house have slowly come together, and many have changed from each move (we’ve moved several times in the last few years). I love getting into a new house and working with all the puzzle pieces to make each room complete while still sticking to a budget. So fun!

Back when I registered for our wedding items, I chose a blue/yellow/green theme. We’ve incorporated purple and a bright blue in this new house (the walls were painted these colors by the previous owners), and I’ve decided I actually really like them both.

I prefer design styles that incorporate a similar color scheme throughout the entire house, making it all flow together nicely. I’m not as much of a fan of each room having an entirely different color. For instance, a red kitchen, blue living room, purple bedroom, etc. For me, uniformity is key.

If you’re looking to up your home’s design features, I suggest choosing a color scheme and starting there. That will narrow down a lot of options for you from the very start, making it easier to start piecing together your overall design.

With that being said, enjoy! I’d love to see any design projects you’ve been working on, too. While I hope this is inspiration for you, I’m always looking for new inspirations as well 🙂

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