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So, you might figure this out from the Decor on a Dime series, but I figured I’d just tell you. We are currently living in a mobile home. Did I ever think I would? No, not really. Did I ever think a mobile home could look this cute? No, not really. Did I ever think I would actually really like the layout of a mobile home? No, not really. The truth, though? I love our mobile home! It makes really great use of the space provided, and with a little work, it has really turned into a cute house!

This week we’re focusing on the kitchen and dining area. We do not have a formal dining room area, and I’m glad we don’t! This table and the fun chairs are meant to be in a kitchen. Plus, it’s super convenient to have a kitchen table just feet from the stove and fridge. I love it.

There isn’t as much to talk about with this design, but the kitchen can still really make or break your overall house’s design and aesthetics. When we moved in, the kitchen and laundry room (the hallway leading back to the master bedroom) was already painted green. Since green goes with my decor, we decided to leave it, and now I’m really loving the pop of green on our walls.

I think the major thing to watch for in a kitchen design is counter clutter. Clutter is the cleanliness and cuteness destroyer. I try hard to keep it to a minimum and contained to only a small area on my counter. It can quickly get out of control if you aren’t careful, though!

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So, let’s take a little tour, shall we?

Clutter Keeper

Since I just went on a little clutter rant, I figured I’d start with that section first. This little area of my counter is the only area I allow some clutter. Any loose documents, coupons, pens, tape, notebooks, takeout menus, phone books, etc. all belong here. This cute little wooden box was a bridal shower gift that a family friend made. Isn’t it cute? This could be easily made, or you could find some kind of small trapper keeper that will work in your designated clutter space. Make sure it’s cute!

Toaster and Banana Tree

Since we’ve started trying to eat healthier, the banana tree and fruit bowls have made an appearance again in my kitchen, and they (usually) have fruit in/on them. Fruit is another great way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. I love it when I have beautiful yellow bananas hanging from the tree. Sometimes, if I have some peaches or avocados on hand, I’ll set them out in a pretty cream ceramic bowl to match my canisters. When I don’t have any fruit like this time, I just store the bowl in a cupboard. Both of these are kitchen items that are both functional and pretty. Take advantage of things like this!

Utensil Crocks

I am really into cooking, and I use all of these utensils on a regular basis. In fact, many of them end up in dishwasher at the same time; I go through them so quickly. Any others are tucked away in a cupboard, ready to be used on the rare occasion I need them.

This concept goes back to kitchen clutter. Minimize your kitchen items to what you really need. Find storage spaces (not counter space) for it all. When you keep your counters clear, you are creating a better work space to use and you are making your kitchen appear cleaner. Clutter just looks messy, even if it’s a clean messy.

Our main utensil crock was another wedding gift, and I love, love, love it. The little mason jar is the perfect size to hold my smaller utensils. In all honesty, I reach for these smaller blue spatulas and small tongs more than the regular sized ones. I personally think they are much better than large ones.

Shelves and Curtain

My husband and I put these shelves up and LOVE them! They are great place to store cookbooks and hide away baby items like snacks and bottles. The basket came from Walmart for less than $10. The actual shelves were assembled with the help of Lowe’s. They cut our wood boards for us to this length, and we purchased the brackets there. I already had the stain on hand. It’s the same one I used on my table. If you have room for some open shelving in your kitchen, you might look into doing something like this. Classy shelves can add function, storage, and decor to your kitchen!

This curtain, before we moved, was purchased for our bathrooms. Neither of the bathrooms in our new house have windows, though, so it was repurposed for the sink window. I love the bright pop of color it gives and how well it ties to the colors in the wreath and the bananas.

I didn’t list these in the title, but I also have a mini mason jar herb garden starting behind my sink. I’ve had several items there over the last year, but I finally settled on this design piece. I don’t normally have a pineapple sitting on my counter, but I had just gone to the store and thought it looked so pretty there. From now on, whenever I have a pineapple, that is the designated spot for it until it is cut up!

Canisters and Stand Mixer

This canister set was a registry item from Target, and I love them. I do think canisters are an important kitchen organization system. I bake and cook all the time, so I keep them on the counter where they are easily accessible. I tried to find a link to my exact canisters, but they’re most likely discontinued. I did find these, however. I like that these lids lift all the way off. The only complaint I have about my own canisters is that it’s hard to keep them under the top cabinets and lift the lids to get the ingredients out. This problem is solved simply by sliding them out from under the cabinet, but if you’re like me, you want the easiest solution possible.

Your mixer can be an essential kitchen tool as well as a kitchen decoration. I purposely chose a mixer that would match any color scheme in case someday I became sick of my blues, greens, and yellows (which I did as well for my neutral canister set). A kitchen is where baked goods and delicious food come to life, so why not have kitchen-themed decor? It’s both cute and functional!

I will admit that I don’t use my mixer too often, but it’s really heavy and would take up quite a bit of cupboard space if I were store it, so I’ve opted to leave it on the counter. I really like the look of mine and think it works great for my kitchen space, especially now that my appliances all match it.

***If you don’t have a paper towel holder that attaches underneath the cabinet, I highly recommend one. I used to have one that just sat on the counter and I hated it. This is easier to use and it clears up coveted counter space. Highly recommended!***

Cupboard Decor

I really like how the decorations above my cupboard turned out. For the longest time, this area had been empty. I had intentions to decorate it but never took the time to actually do it. Once our son started crawling, all of the decor in my house was shifted to higher ground, which is where a lot of these items came from. I found old jars and vases in cupboards, and I moved our sand picture frame up high where it’s safe from Landon. The kitchen items were all utensils either gifted to us that we don’t use or attachments to my hand mixer that I never use. The candles, which were often found thrown on the floor in the living room before I moved them, found new, safe homes and add some pops of color.

If you have space above your top cabinets, I highly encourage decorating it. This is a great way to make your space feel homier and decorated without compromising your counter space. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!

Also, the top of the fridge is an easy space to become cluttered. I decided to put this decorative bowl on top the fridge because I felt the space needed something there, and also to prevent me from shoving other unnecessary items up there. Don’t use the top of the fridge as storage space if you want a well-decorated, clutter-free kitchen.

Kitchen Table

I found the base for this table for $30 at a garage sale. After a little TLC, I transformed it into this farmhouse inspired table. I absolutely love it! It was a lot of work, but it cost much less than buying a real farmhouse table brand new. I got the look I wanted without the hefty price tag.

The chairs came from a different garage sale for $10. I had to sand down the chairs, paint them, distress them, and the coat them in wax. After that, I recovered all of the seats with a cute, cheap (yet durable) fabric. After a lot of work, I have one of the cutest table and chairs you’ve ever seen, right? I love the bright pop of blue the chairs bring to the room. Though a little bold, they still match the decor in my house, and the table runner with the similar blue coloring helps tie everything together.

The decorations on the table came from a variety of places. I found both the burlap table runner and the cream tray from vendor booths at a small town arts and crafts fair. The vase came from Walmart for super cheap and the dried flowers are wedding decorations I have saved and made into an arrangement.


This wreath was another wedding present that a family friend had made. It’s pretty cute, and believe it or not, wreaths are actually pretty easy to make. There are some great tutorials out there that you could check out. I love this wreath and think it makes an excellent addition to our kitchen with a fun pop of color. The burlap material ties in with the burlap runner on the table, too.

Washboard, Curtain, and Sign

So, I had originally purchased this washboard with a fun laundry room project in mind. However, as you can see from the main picture at the top, we don’t have much of a laundry room right now. Someday I plan to turn this into more than just a washboard, but I actually really like it as it is. Oh, and it was $5 at a garage sale. Not bad, right? It’s also a fun conversation topic for when we have guests over. I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard, “Is that a washboard??” Sure, it might be a little weird, but I kind of have a rustic chic look going and I think it fits right in.

This curtain matches the other curtains in my living room, which is open to the kitchen and dining area. I wanted to make the entire space feel connected, and I figured matching curtains would be a great way to make that happen. This was a cheap curtain purchased from Walmart.

The sign was another gift from our wedding from Aaron’s grandma. I never really knew where to put it until we moved to this house. After adding the pantry cupboard, a perfect spot was created for it. There are all kinds of signs like this that are cheap at both Target and Walmart. Believe it or not, Walmart actually does have some cute decor that, when used correctly, can really add to the interior design of a house!


This was a purchase we made when we moved into our first trailer. It had way less cabinet space than this kitchen and no built in pantry. This house, though it has more cabinets, also doesn’t have a pantry. I haven’t minded having this cupboard technically in my living room because it is so close to the kitchen. Plus, most people don’t realize it’s a kitchen item because all of the items are hidden away, except for when my son pulls everything out of them on his hourly house destruction tour. No joke, I just found a bottle of olive oil in his toys the other day. Mom fail? Probably. We now have a childproof lock on the bottom cupboards!

All of the knick knacks on top were either gifts or items I found at a garage sale. I’m hoping to incorporate more green plants like this one around the rest of my house. I love the pop of color it gives.

Dog Food

Ok, this part isn’t my favorite, but I figured I should at least acknowledge it. We have a dog and limited space. He eats a lot, and we need a place to keep his food stash. I know it’s not the greatest solution, but it’s better than the actual bag sitting there, right?! This was the best I could do on a short amount of time and a small budget. And yes, the container did come from Walmart.

It also creates a little nook where we can tuck away a pair of shoes or two for when we go outside using this door. Convenience won out over design in this area, and strangely enough, I’ve grown to accept it.


Well, that’s my kitchen! I love our kitchen and everything in it. What are some of your favorite kitchen design items? Share them below!

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