You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again: babies are expensive. Sometimes I look at my son and think, “It’s a good thing you’re so cute and I love you so much because I sure am spending a lot of money on you.” When I was pregnant and waddling around at work, I’d have coworkers joke with me, saying, “Are you ready to spend a million dollars on this kid over the next 18 years?” A million dollars? Seriously?! The answer to that question is a solid ‘nope.’ While that may be an exaggerated number (I hope!), it just goes to show that having and raising kids is financially demanding. We are a family a three (and a dog), my husband is in school full-time and currently borrowing more money than I earn, and I’m working full-time to try and make ends meet. Things are tight and the mom guilt I face because I have to work full-time is difficult to endure, but that’s our reality for now, and it’s ok. Being a working mom is tough, but it’s also making me learn how to better manage my time and our family’s resources, both valuable lessons. To all you working moms out there: I understand.

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