Amidst all of the uncertainty and anxiety that came with Landon’s upcoming birth, I turned to one the things that helped calm my nerves: planning through excessive researching. I scoured the internet looking for list after list of items I should pack for myself and my baby once it was time to head to the hospital.
After all that research, and better yet, my own experience, I’ve narrowed it down to the absolute necessities. Don’t be like me and over pack. So, learn from my mistakes and trust me on this!
Hey, mama. I get it. There are soooooo many packing lists out there, all just a little different from the last, meaning the contents of your bag continue to grow until you reach the point of relentless questioning from your husband. I may or may not be speaking from experience….
In my efforts to be prepared (ha!), I was going to waaaaay over pack. The ironic thing? I was blindsided about my hospital stay, and all my research, lists, and planning went down the toilet quickly when a routine check-up at 35 weeks turned into immediate admission to the hospital, observation for three days, and then, boom! baby.