You know the term “supermom”? Me too, and this is definitely not a post on how to be supermom. My house has a normal amount of dirt, but it’s clean by my standards, and my standards tend to be higher than average. This schedule isn’t perfect, but the true key is finding a routine and sticking with it.
There are few things in life I hate more than clutter. Clutter instantly makes any space look sloppy and unclean. The best way to fool people into thinking your house is clean is to manage clutter and eliminate as many sources of clutter as possible.Even when I know I haven’t cleaned (example: vacuum, sweep, disinfect counters, etc.), I’m able to relax once the clutter is gone. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a pretty neat person. If items are out of their places, chairs not pushed in under the table, cupboard doors slightly open, towels not hanging straight, toys not put away, my mood quickly decreases and my anxiety increases.