Now that I’ve been meal planning for awhile, I look back and shudder at all the money I wasted on groceries before Landon was born. We tried our hand at budgeting, and the weekly allotment for groceries was $88. Then, that seemed like so little, and I often struggled staying within the budget.
Now, our budget has shrunk to accommodate baby expenses, and our new weekly allotment for groceries is $50. But, guess what? It’s possible! Hard, but feasible.
I absolutely loved designing, decorating, and organizing our son’s nursery. And actually, I kind of got to do it twice since we moved more than halfway through my pregnancy. I had started on the original nursery before we made the decision to move to a different house.
One thing I knew was I wanted to incorporate storage solutions. I hate clutter, so I needed a way to organize all his clothes and toys, both present and future. My nursery isn’t perfect. I would have organized it even more thoroughly if we had the resources, but overall, I’m very pleased with how it turned out!
One of the best budget-saving things I’ve done is create a meal menu. Originally, I began with 28 of our favorite, easier recipes. As time went on and the same meals continued to resurface, that list has grown to 51 and still continuing to expand. The best part about this plan is that I know exactly what I’m making for dinner every night, and come grocery shopping time, I have a ready-made menu, which makes writing out the list incredibly easy and fast.